We have a lot of vehicles, including some that you kick, pedal, paddles or row. I honestly do not know how big my husband’s vehicle park is. Many vehicles are under renovation or will be refurbished sometime in the future. The pickup above is a not working and we use it as Christmas decorations. Among the vehicles there also are a number of two wheels. Some use our boys and others are undergoing refurbishment in various stages. The motorcycle below is almost complete, I think. Do not ask me what model it is, it can be a Moto Guzzi but it may be wrong.

Here, however, there is no doubt about what brand this MC has, it’s an old Harley Davidson.

Six-wheeler for the forest

The newest machine in the engine park is a vehicle for use in forestry, more specifically a six-wheeler as my hubby are driving around the forest with. This summer he has been devoted to trying to make a “way” through our forest in order to maintain the forest.

Ett fordon för skogstrafik, en sexhjuling helt enkelt.

It’s a steep and difficult forest we own and it’s not always easy to find an accessible streak. He has managed to reach almost all the way up to the top of the mountain with the aid of chainsaw, spit and spade.

Our forest goes from the house over the top at Visarberget which is 270 meters above sea level and down to Backsjön at the back of the mountain. On Sunday we were up in the woods, me and Nova used our legs while he drove up. Nova had a lot of work to keep an eye on us because we did not always stick together and I went some other ways sometimes. We were up to the top of the mountain to reconnaissance how he can proceed with the “road-building”.

Nova, Vit herdehund, på toppen av Visarberget, Själevad, av Helen Thalen

We also visited the caves located in our forest near the top. Here I was thinking if I maybe can hide a geocach someday. I’ll think more of it because I think the cave is scary.

Nova, Vit herdehund, i grottan på Visarberget.

It became a little mixed post but the theme was originally Vehicles because it is the theme to interpret at Gems Weekly Photochallenge this week.

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