Yesterday once again it was time for moose hunting in the village and my husband got out on his pass in the early morning. When I and the dogs had been at home for a while, we went to town and Nova was for the first time in at Djurmagasinet. When we were on the way home my husband phoned and told me to prepare Sally’s track equipment it was possible that a wounded moose must be a tracking. Once home, it was just to pack up the dogs in the car again, take the harness, the track line and go to the place where she would start tracking.

Eftersök med Sunnantorps LIke a Wild Sally

Earlier this week, she got a trail of blood with a mouse hoof that she completed wel but there was noticed a big difference in Sally now that there was a real situation. She was so psyched that my husband had a tough job to hold the line. The moose turned out not to be wounded, but it had run a few hundred meters in dense underbrush before it fell. Thanks to Sally that found it quickly, and concerns over an injury contributed animals could be dismissed.


When it was cleard out, and they started to take care of the moose Nova got the chance to track their way to the moose so that she too had the chance to taste the goodies.


It was again a really beautiful weather today and while my husband was at rescue training with Sally, I went for a walk in the woods with Nova. I sat and rested for a while on a rock for the last night I woke up with a very sore throat and feel not week but Nova entertained herself with a cone while I rested.


When all were assembled home again we sat for a while in front of the house in the beautiful autumn weather, the dogs played with each other and we threw the ball to them.


Nova found an own ball after a while and then it became a little calmer.


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