Today I made my last post at Hobbyworld  with a cavalcade of some of the works I made on their behalf in 2015. It has been an amazing fun time, I’ve learned a lot and made new friends so I thank Hobbyworld for this great time.

I also show some of my favorite works here that I created for Hobbyworld.


First, a few paintings that I have done during the year, the first two are made on canvas, the other is done in slightly different ways.

mixed media canvas 2b




Scrapbooking layouts

When I started with this hobby it was the traditional scrapbooking layouts that I did and they probably always will be the one thing I feel most comfortable with.

På toppen-1b

this wayHigh above

Njutbart by HelenTh


Greeting cards are something that I had some difficulty with but I have learned to think it’s really fun during the past year. What made my anxiety to drop when it comes to creating cards was when I realized that I do not need to have stamped and colored motifs on the cards.





Viket kort 1

Project Life

It has become something of a habit of producing spreads in the PL-album but I have almost showed all sides in the album on this blog already so I think I’ll skip this now. Some of the spreads have I also been shown at Hobbyworld during the past year.


This was a short summary of my year at Hobbyworld and now I just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

This post is also available in: Svenska

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