Today was sunny and cold so I took the opportunity to take a trip up the mountain at home. With the help of the amazing invention of shoes with built-in studs, I manage the icy walk without injury.

Soligt och kallt av Helen Thalen

My fine white girls like towas out in the forest. That it is a little cold dosen’t bothers them.

When we got higher up the mountain where the ice really bad. All visible rocks were covered by ice.

In the sunlight the i ice glistened nicely, but it was hard to get around. Even with Icebugs I tried to find heather and other plants to walk on. The cold weather made the ice hard so the studs did not get traction.

In a stream that we passed was fantastic formations of ice that was almost luminous in the sunlight.

The light made the contrast even more exciting.

Sunny and cold by Heen Thalen

On the way home we had the sun in the eyes and the dogs ended up in backlight when I photographed them. It gave a little exciting effect on the images.

It was a lovely trip and then it was nice to be indoors and decorate the house for Christmas.

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