There are many beautiful views in our amazing country and around the world. I myself have lots of pictures on views. It was difficult to choose this to this week’s theme at Gems Weekly Photochallenge where the theme of the week is just View. Therefore, I took some new pictures from my daily views, what I see from our house when I look out or are outside.

The picture above is the view I have from the bedroom and on the balcony in front of the bedroom. The picture below is what I see as I look out from the kitchen at the front of the house. It is almost the same view but just a slightly lower perspective.

Köket har fönster på tre sidor och på kortsidan har vi en dörr ut till en stor altan. På den del som inte är inglasad hänger jag några olika fågelfröautomater. Där är det redan full fart med massor av blåmesar och denna fina nötväcka.

The kitchen has windows on three sides and on the short side we have a door onto a large porch. On the part that is not built-in, I hang a few different birdfeeder. There is already full speed with lots of Blue tits and this nice Nuthatch.

From the window towards the back of the house I look straight into the woods.

My favorite view is this one I see every time I leave the house. Either by car or if I am going to walk or cycle along the road. We are fortunate to have a bike path next to the road so there is no problem walking along the road.

There were some pictures from my everyday life. Then it’s exciting that the same view can look very different depending on weather and season.

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