Yesterday was my favorite association HighCoastScrap their annual Christmas crafts evnt where we crafted, eat good Christmas food and drank coffee from 9 am to 21 pm in the evening. This year we in the board had responsible for one craft event each during the year and yesterday it was my turn. Together with a group of amazing women we made Christmas porridge for lunch, good coffee including homemade wafers and Christmas dinner. It is always cozy gatherings and this time we kept it at Örnsköldsvik church parish.

Julpysselträff med HighCoastScrap

Everything went well but it does not help that I’m a little tired and worn today. My husband wanted me to come along and train with search dogs but for me that are introverted it felt like I wanted to vomit at the thought of being social today. I have instead been at home and started to prepare for Advent by putting up outdoor Christmas lights. When I was done, I took the camera and strolled around the house and walked a bit on the tractor way down to the lake.

I was totally empty of inspiration for photography and made a little quick search on Pinterest before I went out. At Fat Muslim Slim, I found a photo challenge for November 2016 where todays theme is water. It felt easy and became my photo assignments.

On the first picture you can see a part of a chute that children’s grandfather built with the children when they were small. In the end, there was a water slapped that made a frightful noise when it was running. The kids thought it was great fun, of course. For the most it doesn’t run any water in the gutter but when the stream is full as now it’s flows again.


All the great snow we had melted and moreover, it has rained a lot during the week so the water is there in abundance. This i how it look at the tractor road across our meadows.


In the shady parties, there are also some water in frozen form that not thawed since the night’s freezing temperatures.

More weekend pictures can be found here and at Lisa on Scraplivet are certainly is more pictures from Christmas crafts event because she was there to.

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