Today I was to the Advent church service in Själevad church where we among other things, sang the hymn Det susar genom livets strid (eng. It’s whizzing through the battle of life), where every verse ends with the words “It is Advent, it is Advent”. The church service gave me the advent feeling that I longed for with the songs, the lights and the beautiful church. Tonight, Roger Pontare has a Christmas concert in the same church that I would have been to but I did had time to buy ticket before all were sold out. I offer a taste of Roger Pontare singing the hymn Det susar genom livets strid.

The rest of the weekend, since Thursday night, I stayed at home and prepared for Christmas by decorating both indoors and outdoors. My husband traveled to California with a friend last Thursday which made the weekend a little different but with all the work I have been doing, I have not had time to miss him.


I think it’s almost as much fun to make it nice outside the house as inside, and it will never be the same from year to year. This is what it looks like on one side of the door.


On the other side, among other things, is an old sled that we bought during the trip to the Czech Republic last spring for the inception of Nova and her siblings.


Indoors, I often do groups of gadgets on tables and cabinets, this is a white groups that stand on the black worktop in the kitchen.


On the old sewing machine from my grandma is an angel that I made from an old book. A tutorial how to do this bookangel I made several years ago and it is one of my most popular pins of Pinterest.


We have no Advent candlestick that I really like so every year I make different set-up. This year I made the candlestick of an old plate on foot in something that I believe is called the poor man’s silver. The candles stands in old cake tins in moss with a hyacinth in the middle. It was a little hard to get the lights to attach but with a little thinking and testing I got it. Gravel in the bowl and a nail through the small cake tins solved part of the problem.


The dogs also got their excercise since I also had time for a couple of long walks in the forests. One day we went on the tracks in Själevad where we got this nice view where I found a geocach. Right now I’m pretty tired in my body, usually I sit all day so a weekend with just walking and standing feels :).

More weekeudpictures can be found here.

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