It was an unusually cold Easter weekend and I was not out walking as much as I usually do. Both because of the weather and for that the past week I had the flu and only slowly became more alert. On Easter Saturday I went for a first tour on the mountain with the dogs in slow speed. The cold weather had given the snow that’s still left a hard crust so it was possible to get around almost everywhere.

Påskhelg i skogen av Helen Thalen

Right now, the week’s word is Round at Gems Weekly Photochallenge. I had the camera with me on the tour and tried to find round things to photograph.

The first round thing that appeared was this traffic sign standing on the mountain. It feels very out of place when the snow now melt away. During the winter it is much snowmobile traffic here to the snowmobile club house and then it has its role to play.

In front of the Millenium cabin stood a few round tables.

I continued strolling over to Visarberget’s highest peak. Just when we arrived the weather changes and it started to snow again. The wind was also icy cold when we got to the top and stepped out of the leeward side of the mountain. Visibility was almost non-existent and I did not even get a good focus on any of the pictures before I wanted to get back into the shelter.

On the way down we passed the wind shelter that is a bit down from the top. Here stands a round, fine grilling.

I almost feel a bit sorry for Nova when the snow now thaws away. She loves the snow and when she finds a good patches of snow she just must roll around there for a while. I however long to spring so I hope we get more heat soon

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