News at the gym

When I was 18 years old, a friend thought we should start at the gym where her big brother worked out. I came along and we started at one of the two gyms that were in our town at that … Continue Reading

Vehicle for the forest

We have a lot of vehicles, including some that you kick, pedal, paddles or row. I honestly do not know how big my husband’s vehicle park is. Many vehicles are under renovation or will be refurbished sometime in the future. … Continue Reading

My daily view

There are many beautiful views in our amazing country and around the world. I myself have lots of pictures on views. It was difficult to choose this to this week’s theme at Gems Weekly Photochallenge where the theme of the week … Continue Reading

Easter weekend and the week’s word

It was an unusually cold Easter weekend and I was not out walking as much as I usually do. Both because of the weather and for that the past week I had the flu and only slowly became more alert. On Easter … Continue Reading

Word of the week: Insect

I have in recent years participated in the photo challenge Weekend picture. It has been such a great challenge where you add one or more photos from your weekend. It has also been fun to check out other bloggers weekend pictures. … Continue Reading