Just before christmas did I bought crayons that’s called Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastel, I’ve used them occasionally but I wanted to test them more and to that are art journaling perfect.

The crayons are water soluble, but on this page I wanted the colors to be strong, and I didn’t used any water to get maximum colors. It didn’t became a masterpiece but it was fun to add thick with paint and mix the colors directly on paper.

Art journal page with oil pastel - by Helens Color Life

When the background was finished by a chance I look at the day’s Bible verse on the magazine’s Dagens website, and the word of the day suited me fine right then.

Art journal page - 1 Tim 1_7 - details - by Helens Color Life

The crayons can be used in a lot of ways and I found a good and informative video about what you can do with them here.

Art Journal page - words by Helens Color Life

On the opposite side in the same art journal block, I used a different type of crayons called Gelatos and manufactured by Faber-Castell. These are also water soluble and are available in several colors and also in metallic pastel colors. These metallic colors have become a favorite right now because they give a very nice shine to the project, but on this side, I however not used any of metallic colors.

This page got words that for me represents what it means to be in God’s presence.

This post is also available in: Svenska

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I love your art, Helen, and all the bold, bright colors! I am also excited to see that you are a Believer in Jesus and that you do prophetic art as worship!. I did a Google search on how to use words in oil pastel artwork and your page popped up. What a blessing to know I have a sister in Sweden! (I live in the United States in California.) God bless you!


Thank you for your kind words! I am happy if you got some inspiration to create with pastels and that you also believe in Christ!! If you share any of you art somewhere please let me know. God bless you too!

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