All-Saints is a weekend when we think of a little extra and remember those who have left life before us. It’s a weekend to remember that death exists and affects us all. Just recently I became aware that this weekend actually contain two religious holidays, All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day. All Saints Day is a day to remember the saints and martyrs, people that where particularly sacred. All Souls ‘Day is celebrated the day after All Saints’ Day,on Sunday. It is the day traditionally to remember and honor your dead relatives and friends.

This weekend, I really thought more than usual on those who have gone before, and most of my grandmother, Hildur Ramström. It is difficult to understand what kind of life she had, it was totally different from the life I live anyway. One thing was that she left her husband when my mother was 14 years old, she only went when no one else was at home and never returned. It must have been a tough decision to make when she lived in a small village and also a member of a local free church.

After a while she got remarried and moved to Judby in Ramvik, not far from Torbjörn Fälldin. It is about 10 swedish mil from us so unfortunately we didn’t met so often except for the last few years when she moved to a retirement home in our city.


In this lovely old house she lived with her new husband and they where farmers. It was always fun and exciting to visit her, to see the animals they had, to help if we could and have lots of space to play on. I can imagine that it was a hard life, just such thing that as long as her husband could manage to to  run the farm they had an outdoor toilet and no shower facilities. My grandmother was probably close to 70 years when they moved to an apartment in the closest community and got toilet.


This picture was taken when we celebrated grandma’s husband Samuel on an anniversary, which I can not say right now. My sweet grandmother standing behind him with her children beside her. It is sad that both her children suffered from Alzheimer’s. My uncle has been dead for many years now and my mother lives in a dementia ward at a nursing home. It was probably from their father (if Alzheimer’s is inherited) Grandma herself was lucid until the very end.

One thing I remember was grandmother humor, she was almost always happy and fun. Then I remember that I never saw her use pants, she had an working overalls when she made the grossest jobs in the barn but otherwise she always had a skirt or dress.


I was just in on Google Maps to see where it was my grandmother lived, there are at least 30 years since I was there. When I got to see the street view it looks exactly like it did then. (I made a screenshot from Google Maps, that’s why there is a strange arrow in the middle of the road). I remember so clearly how happy I was when we turned onto the small road that leads up to the house when the trip was almost over and we were there.

Förutom bilden från kyrkgården så har min pappa tagit bilderna på huset och familjefotot som jag scannat in till detta inlägg.

Yesterday we were the cemetery (the first image) and lit candles at my in-laws’ grave, but my grandmother’s grave in Högsjö church so I could not light any candles on her grave.

More weekendpictures here.

In addition to the image of the church yard so has my dad took the pictures of the house and the family photo that I have scanned to this post.

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