Hello and welcome to me, Helen Thalén and my website where I show some of all things that interests and inspires me. A lot is about photography and different kind of crafts. The creative things I love to do is for instance scrapbooking. project life, mixed media and other crafts. When I have something fun that I can teach other I do one or other tutorial.

I created this blog to keep my own projects going, to develop my skills and perhaps spread some inspiration to others.

I am a graphic designer who works with web design at a local IT company. I was born 1968 and I live with my husband and our beautiful dog Nova outside Örnsköldsvik in the beautiful area of Sweden called the High Coast.

As often as I can I’m out in our beautiful nature with our dog. Hiking, geocaching, cross-country skiing or stand-up paddle when it’s warm. It’s my place of recreation, exercise and joy.

Nova on the SUP by Helen Thalen

If you want to get in touch with me please email me at info[at]helenscolorlife.com.

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